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Pest Rangers - Ellenbrook Pest Control

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Pest Rangers - Pest Control Perth.

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There is no question about it - we just love Ellenbrook! Living in Ellenbrook since 1997 we have watched this suburb grow from one tiny Woodlake Village to a great Town it is today.

We believe in community spirit and with a great pleasure take part, together with our kids, in many local events.

As a local business we strive to provide the best pest control service at fair prices to the residents of Ellenbrook, Aveley, Henley Brook, Brabham and The Vines. We regularly offer genuine discounts on many of our services in Ellenbrook and other local suburbs. We also guarantee to beat any legitimate quote from any of our pest control competitors. Best of all no one in the Ellenbrook area can offer quicker respond time to attend to your problem - we are simply HERE.

Remember, we do not charge for site assessments, quotations or advice when it comes to pests, so please feel free to give us a call with any questions or problems relating to pest control. We are here to help.


Ellenbrook is a northeastern suburb of Perth, Western Australia, about 21 km from Perth's CBD, located within the City of Swan. Ellenbrook, and its neighbouring suburbs of The Vines and Aveley, are unusual for Perth in being a significant distance from other Pert suburbs. Given this relative isolation and the distance from the CBD, Ellenbrook has been designed and developed as a self-sustainable community. It is envisioned that Ellenbrook will eventually become a satellite city, with a population of 80,000. At the moment well over 30,000 people are living in Ellenbrook and neighbouring areas of Aveley, the Vines and Henley Brook

Ellenbrook is a planned community, and is being developed in phases called "villages". The first, Woodlake Village was built on the site of a former sand quarry. The lowest point of the open-cut mine became the central lake and feature parkland, and the high points of the mine were set aside for the area now known as Woodlake Rise. Construction commenced in 1994, with the first home completed in 1995. Subsequent villages are The Bridges, Coolamon, Morgan Fields, Charlotte's Vineyard, Malvern Springs, Lexia and Annie's Landing.

The development of the Town Centre is well established, with The Shops, 33,000sqm of shopping centre including major retailers, Coles, Woolworths and Big W and around 100 speciality stores. It contains the largest Woolworths in the state.[13] The Town Centre is being developed in four phases with stage 3 currently underway. It has already attracted major big box retailers Masters and Bunnings.

The villages and shops are linked and intertwined by a series of pathways and cyclepaths and there is a high standard of landscaping throughout.


The suburb of Ellenbrook is regarded as one of the highest risk areas for termite attack in the whole metropolitan region.

The reason for this is simple – it’s location!

For termites to start and expand their colony they need two things: moisture and food (timber) and in Ellenbrook there is no shortage of any of these.

Built on the land re-claimed from the pine plantation and surrounded by either; the pine forest, the native bush-land or swamps - Ellenbrook is simply an Eldorado for some of the most destructive termite pest species in Australia.

The two most common species attacking properties in Ellenbrook are: Coptotermes michaelseni and Coptotermes acinaciformis raffrayi.

Both species are wood-eaters and cause severe damage to timber in service, to living trees, and to synthetic materials.

Some of the Coptotermes colonies may reach over 1 million termites, and if not controlled, they can even attack a new house within few weeks of being built, even though their nest is located as far as 50 meters away from the building.

This is because termite workers constantly forage over large areas in search of timber. If they come across your home’s foundations while they are foraging, they will follow any cracks or crevices to gain access to their food. They may even build mud tunnels from the ground to the lowest accessible timber.

With the home being so often the major family asset, and termite infestation being essentially un-insurable, reliable protection against those pests is a must.

This is why we recommend an Integrated Pest Management approach in preventing termite attack on your most valuable asset. The risk is simply too high.

If you have more questions regarding termite management options please to not hesitate to contact us - remember that PEST RANGERS is a local to Ellenbrook pest control company - we simply know this area better, can respond quicker and in the end - save you money!

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