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Pest Rangers - Ellenbrook Pest Control

Effective Pest Control Services for Ellenbrook - Swan Valley - Northern Suburbs

Termite Inspections & Treatments - All General Pest Control

Pre Purchase Timber Pest Inspections Perth              Ph: 08-62967941 or Mob: 0402 307 997

Pre-Purchase Timber Pest Inspection Request Form

Please fill out the form below once you have contacted us for a quote. 

Real Estate Agents may submit an inspection request here

Pre-Purchase Timber Pest Inspection:

We will send you an email when the inspection time and date has been confirmed with your agent. Once the inspection has been completed the report is normally ready within two (2) working days, and will be emailed to you once confirmation of payment has been received by us. We normally book and complete our services within a 5 to 7 working day period.

Our Terms and Conditions can be found below this form, please read and agree to all terms and conditions before proceeding. 

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Inspection Agreement

The inspection will be a non-invasive visual inspection and will be limited to those areas and sections of the property which reasonable access is both available and permitted at the time of inspection. The inspection will not involve any invasive inspection including cutting, breaking apart, dismantling, removing or moving objects. The inspector cannot see or inspect inside walls, between floors, inside skilling roofing, inside the eaves, behind stored articles and goods in cupboards and built-in robes, and in other areas that are concealed or obstructed. Insulation in the roof and ducting may conceal the ceiling timbers and make inspection of the area unsafe.

If the property to be inspected is occupied then furnishings or household items may be concealing evidence of timber pests. In some cases the concealment may be deliberate. We strongly recommend that the purchaser should obtain a statement from the owner as to any timber pest activity or damage to the property known to them and what treatments have been done in the past (obtain copies of any paperwork issued). Ideally the information obtained should be given to the inspector prior to the inspection.

Please read full Terms & Conditions of this Agreement before requesting the Inspection. If there is anything in this document that you do not understand then, prior to the inspection, you should contact us by phone or email & have us explain and clarify the matter to your satisfaction.

You agree that in submitting this form you have read and understand Terms & Conditions of this Agreement and that inspection will be carried out in accordance with this document. You agree to pay for the inspection in due time.

Pest Control Perth

Pest Rangers - Pest Control Perth.

Pest Contol services in Ellenbrook & Surrounds, Morley, Midland, Joondalup, Clarkson, Duncraig, Landsdale, Alexander Heights, Beechboror, Bassendean, Butler, Caversham and all Perth Suburbs.