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Pest Rangers - Ellenbrook Pest Control

Effective Pest Control Services for Ellenbrook - Swan Valley - Northern Suburbs

Termite Inspections & Treatments - All General Pest Control

Pre Purchase Timber Pest Inspections Perth              Ph: 08-62967941 or Mob: 0402 307 997

Pest Control Perth

Pest Rangers - Pest Control Perth.

Pest Contol services in Ellenbrook & Surrounds, Morley, Midland, Joondalup, Clarkson, Duncraig, Landsdale, Alexander Heights, Beechboror, Bassendean, Butler, Caversham and all Perth Suburbs.

Pest Rangers - Snake Removal Services

Pest Rangers - Snake Removal Services in Ellenbrook and surrounding suburbs

At Pest Rangers, we are determined to remove any sort of pest problems you may have, especially the worst kind and at any emergency situation.

Snakes are no strangers in Australia, you can find them in a range of different environments, so it's important to stay calm and collected if you ever run into one, especially inside your house, and calling a trained pest technician immediately.

Please note that we are a commercial company and charge a minimum price of $330 inc GST

Our Snake Handlers are located in Ellenbrook.

The two most common species of snakes you can find in Perth, Western Australia are the Dugites and Tiger Snakes (See image right).

Tiger snakes are more likely to be found in wetlands and vegetated areas, whereas Dugites are more often found in dry bushlands.

Snakes are active during both day and night, especially during the warmer seasons.

Both species of snakes primarily feed on small rodents such as mice and rats, as well as lizards and frogs; that is why Pest Rangers aim to remove their source of food as quickly as possible to prevent Snakes from invading your homes/surroundings, by placing rodent baiting systems.

Pest Rangers are always willing to help, and our fully trained CALM (Department of Conservation and Land Management) Reptile Relocator is more than prepared to remove any Snake problems you may have, safely and appropriately, and releasing them back into their natural habitats far from any human interference.

Please note we are a commercial company and charge a minimum price of $330 inc GST

For voluntary snake removal in Perth areas please visit

or please call the Wildcare Helpline on (08) 9474 9055 for 24 hour enquiries.

Pest Rangers - Snake Removal Services in Perth

Pest Rangers - Tips on how to avoid snake bites 

  • Make sure you remain calm and collected at the sight of any Snakes
  • Avoid cornering the Snake as it will attempt to escape and possibly charge at you
  • Do not approach the Snake as this may aggravate it
  • If possible; try to confine the Snake in a room, and keep the lights off in the room to keep the Snake calm
  • Any sudden movements may result in the Snake attacking to defend itself
  • Snake attacks are fast and accurate, generally if they miss it is a warning strike
  • If bitten by the Snake, seek First Aid; apply a pressure bandage to the bite - Stay Calm, keep away from the Snake and call 000 immediatley.
  • Call Pest Rangers ASAP to safely and professionally remove your Snake problem, by dialling 1300 203 421

Pest Rangers - Snake Control Perth

Pest Rangers - Snake Removal Services - Snake Control Perth

For any Snake problems in Ellenbrook and surrounding suburbs contact Pest Rangers now, and we will send our fully trained CALM Snake Handler your way!

Commercial charges will apply see above for details.